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UniCA Eprints

Repository Policies


UniCA Eprints holds all types of materials. Papers may include:
  • doctorial thesis
  • articles
  • books
  • book section
  • conference papers
  • working papers
  • technical reports
  • projects reports
  • patents
  • dataset
  • unpublished pre-prints (not peer-reviewed)
  • final peer-reviewed drafts (post-prints)
Papers are individually tagged with their peer-review and publication status.

Submission Policy

  • Items may only be deposited by accredited members of the institution, or by UniCA Eprints staff:
    Accredited members of the University are:
    professor, researcher, assistant researcher, assistant professor, researcher fellowship, Ph D, tecnical, administrative and libraries staff of Cagliari’s University and visiting professor.
  • Access to publication’s full text may be delayed making them publicly visible to comply with publishers' embargos.
  • Items can be deposited at any time, but will not be made publicly visible until any publishers' or funders' embargo period has expired.
  • Any copyright violations are entirely the responsibility of the authors.
  • If UniCA Eprints receives proof of copyright violation, the relevant item will be removed immediately.
  • If necessary, an updated version may be deposited. The original URL will be linked to the latest version.


Papers may be written in any language. We advise to enter English abstract and keywords.

Document storage formats

In this repository you can upload: PDF, HTML, DOC, PPT, Postscript, plain ASCII text, JPEG, PNG, GIF, ZIP, Open office, file.

Metadata Policy

  • Anyone may access the metadata free of charge.
  • The metadata may be re-used in any medium without prior permission for not-for-profit purposes provided:
    the OAI Identifier or a link to the original metadata record are given and UniCA Eprints is mentioned
  • The metadata must not be re-used in any medium for commercial purposes without formal permission.

Data Policy

  • Anyone may access full items free of charge.
  • Single copies of full items can be:
    reproduced, and displayed or performed in any format or medium for personal research or study, educational, or not-for-profit purposes without prior permission or charge. provided:
    - the authors, title and full bibliographic details are given
    - a hyperlink and/or URL are given for the original metadata page
  • The content is not changed in any way
  • Full items must not be sold commercially in any format or medium without formal permission of the copyright holders.
  • Some full items are individually tagged with different rights permissions and conditions.
  • This repository is not the publisher; it is merely the online archive.
  • Mention of UniCA Eprints is appreciated but not mandatory.

Copyright Policy

Material on this website is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. By using the UniCA Eprints, you agree to abide by Italian copyright law.
  • Items deposited in the repository may be subject to individual copyright licences or permissions, whose terms must be adhered to in all instances.
  • Where no specific terms apply, a single copy of an item may be reproduced for personal research or study, educational or non-profit purposes, provided full bibliographic details of the item are given and a link or URL is provided to the original metadata page. The content of items must not be changed in any way.
  • Metadata may be reused for not for profit purposes provided UniCA Eprints is mentioned and the OAI identifier or a link to the original metadata is provided.

Preservation Policy

  • Items will be retained indefinitely.
  • UniCA Eprints will try to ensure continued readability and accessibility.
  • Items will be migrated to new file formats where necessary.
  • It may not be possible to guarantee the readability of some unusual file formats.
  • UniCA Eprints regularly backs up its files.
  • The original bit stream is retained for all items, in addition to any upgraded formats.

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