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La flora vascolare della penisola del Sinis (Sandregna occidentale)

Fenu, Giuseppe - Bacchetta, Gianluigi (2008) La flora vascolare della penisola del Sinis (Sandregna occidentale). Acta Botanica Malacitana, 33 . pp. 91-124.

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The vascular flora of Sinis Peninsula (W Sardinia).The vascular flora of Sinis Peninsula (W Sardinia) has been studied; 760 taxa, 615 of which were species, 134 subspecies, 10 varieties and 1 hybrid were found. They were included in 365 genera and 87 families. The Eudicots were dominant over the other systematic groups. The most represented families were: Poaceae (99 taxonomic units), Fabaceae and Asteraceae (85), Caryophyllaceae (33), Apiaceae (27) and Orchidaceae (24). The most represented genera were: Trifolium (19), Silene (14), Limonium and Medicago (13), Ophrys (12), Euphorbia and Vicia (10), Plantago (9), Allium (8) and, finally, Lotus, Ranunculus and Vulpia (7). The contingent of endemics (54 taxonomic units) was 8,97% of the Mediterranean component showing the dominance of Sardinian-Corsican (33,33%) and in the second place Sardinian elements (24,10%), that together to reach 57,43% of the total. This flora consisted of 31 species, 17 subspecies and 6 varieties; 38 genera and 22 families were recognized. The most represented families were: Plumbaginaceae (10), Asteraceae and Lamiaceae (5), Fabaceae (4), Alliaceae, Euphorbiaceae and Ranunculaceae (3). The most represented genera were: Limonium (10) and Allium, Delphinium, Euphorbia, Scrophularia, Silene, Teucrium (2). Based on the taxa present in the regional Italian Red List, the species exclusive of Sardinia and important for the conservation has been included. For these species we proposed the news categories of preservation following the IUCN criteria. Our analysis, confirmed the presence of 12 taxa critically endangered as well as this group included the majority of exclusive endemism of the territory. According to the geomorphological, geological and bioclimatic data of the territories studied within the floristic analysis and in particular the endemic and phytogeographical component, we proposed the creation of new biogeographic subsector named Sinisico.

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